Focused Strategies,
Effective Outcomes

Reliable Guidance Through Estate Administration

When a loved one passes on without a strong estate plan in place, the probate process can be a nightmare. Without extensive experience in the matter, you may not be ready for the work that is necessary to administer the estate. When trying to settle an estate can take months or years to do by yourself, get the help of an experienced attorney.

I am attorney John T. Hamilton, and I have been practicing law since 1978. In the decades I have been representing clients, I have learned how to focus my attention on understanding the unique needs of my clients so I can develop a custom-tailored strategy to represent those needs. At Hamilton Law Offices, PLLC, you can find the representation you deserve from your attorney.

How I Help My Clients

When someone loses a loved one due to wrongful death, or the decedent’s estate includes personal injury compensation, administering an estate can seem like a nightmare. I am happy to help them by taking on the responsibilities of estate administration, including:

  • Working with life insurance policies to collect the proceeds of a plan
  • Locating and obtaining any estate assets
  • Managing any tax issues
  • Appraising properties when necessary
  • Handling the decedent’s bank accounts and closing them when necessary
  • Paying any remaining bills, taxes and debts
  • Distributing the remaining assets to any beneficiaries
  • Completing any legal documents that probate court needs

I understand that many of my clients come to me in a state or mourning, which is why I make it a priority to take on as much of the labor in the probate process as possible for my clients. I want to offer them the peace of mind that someone is working hard to resolve their estate administration needs.

Let Me Take Care Of Your Probate Issues

Probate can be a long and confusing challenge that many people are not ready to deal with. Let me handle the issue on your behalf by contacting me today. If you need help overcoming the difficulties in your probate issues, reach out to my office in Lexington by calling 859-440-4135 or emailing me here.